Business Seminars: The Beacon Series
When it comes to helping your small business grow, knowledge proves to be a powerful tool. 100% Money Back Guarantee Great Value @ $660 for all 4 Seminars

The Beacon Series are 4 x two hour business seminars, that have been specially developed to overview a business’ life cycle, highlighting significant milestones in the business journey of the small business owner, giving you insight to what lies ahead.


Ideally suited to small business owners who have a passion for business, a thirst for knowledge and a determination for long term success.


Join like-minded business owners and learn from Bridgette’s proven experience, presented using everyday language that cuts through the technical jargon. No lectures, no power point presentations, just an interactive, relaxed forum where dialogue is encouraged.

Seminar Topics:
  • Record Keeping
  • Being an Employer
  • Business Structures & Reading Financial Statements
  • Planning for Business, Lifestyle, Succession & Exit


These seminars are limited to only 20 attendees per session.

The Beacon Series
Record Keeping
  • Record-keeping – Do it Yourself or Get Some Help?
  • BAS Returns – Tips & Pointers for a Hassle Free Quarter
  • Money – How to choose the right loan to suit your business, capital acquisition & personal needs
  • Getting ‘Tax Time Ready’ for your Accountant
Being an Employer
  • What Employers Must Know!?! – Test Your Knowledge with our ‘Quick-Quiz’
  • Contractors – Is my Contractor a Deemed Employee?
  • Super Guarantee Charge – As an Employer, Are You Meeting Your Obligations?
  • Work Cover & Payroll Tax – Know What to Do and Where to Get Help!
  • Fringe Benefits Tax – If you don’t think this is relevant to you, you NEED to hear this!
Business Structures and Reading Financial Statements
  • Sole Trader, Partnership, Trust, Company & Self Managed Superannuation Fund – How to Choose What’s Best for You
  • Tax Implications of each structure
  • Shareholder, Director, Secretary, Public Officer, Trustee, Appointor, Settlor, Beneficiaries – Their Roles Exposed!
  • Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet – Financial Statements: How to Read Them and What Are They Used For?
  • Cash-flow & Budget Projections – How Do I Make the Start?
  • “Renovate My Business” – How Business Advisors Facilitate Business Growth & Increase Profits
Planning for Business, Lifestyle, Succession and Exit
  • Risk Insurance – Sustaining a Business & Lifestyle After the Unexpected – Have You Got It Covered?
  • Financial Planning & Your Future – All Roads Lead to Rome… But Which One Should You Take?
  • Transition to Retirement – How does It Work & Is It an Option for You?
  • Aged Care – Overview from a Financial Perspective – What’s the Real Cost?
  • Self Managed Superannuation Funds – Trustees’ Responsibilities
  • Estate Planning – What Does It Really Mean – Will you be ready?