About awc accountants who communicate

At awc accountants who communicate we provide valuable support for people who want to understand the compliance issues of their business and take control.

As the Principal of awc accountants who communicate, Bridgette Triandafilidis brings over 39 years of hands-on experience in the financial services Industry, including 32 years as a Registered Tax Agent.

At awc accountants who communicate, Bridgette assists a diverse range of valued clients, sharing her knowledge and passion for small business.
Bridgette prides herself on her unique and genuinely personalised approach – a trait that puts her clients at ease and makes them feel well-supported.

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Since launching awc accountants who communicate in 2010, Bridgette has been able to combine her proven industry experience with her nurturing nature to educate and support small business owners, spurring them on to even greater success.

Bridgette provides valuable support for those who want to understand and take control of the compliance issues involved with running their business.

With her open and casual approach, Bridgette uses real life examples as a way to illustrate complex concepts. This method is at the core of the awc accountants who communicate’s business strategy and is what Bridgette believes sets awc accountants who communicate apart.